At Emanuel software, we have a passion for software development and we tend to see it as a sort of art. We enjoy in making people more productive through smart management solutions that help them focus more on what they really want to accomplish. We hope you will find that our products reflect our dedication to this ideal.


Dotument document management

DotumentWhat once used to be just a part of Kanvik suite, grew up to a full-featured stand-alone document management system, with support for virtually any file type, versioning and full-text search.

Dotument is document manager that uses Windows Explorer like interface to enable you manage your e-books library, all versions of your invoices or contract drafts, exchange documents, parts or whole library with other users, etc.

Dotument uses built-in storage to store those documents or, if you want full power, you can plug it to SQL Server.

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Kanvik management suite

KanvikKanvik management suite represents the result of the years experience in software development project management and project management in general. If you need:

- Workitems/Help tickets management,
- Time management,
- Document management,
- Human resources management,
- Customer management,
- Financial management,
- Inventory management

then you might want to see what Kanvik has to offer.


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