Are your documents in chaos?

Are your documents spread around in an unorganized folders? Did you overwrite important contract and can not find the previous copy? Would you like to store your paper documents in central place? Do you need a tool that can handle your e-books library?

Are you serious about managing your projects?

Are you struggling with the tight project schedules? Do you know how many human resources are available? Are you fed up of unorganized tasks and issues that you store in Excel spreadsheets? Would you like to be able to define your own workflow?

Custom software development

From first drafts to finished product... If you need a help with a new software project, or just consulting about project planning, data modelling, SQL Queries tuning and optimization, C#, WFC, ASP.NET, Delphi, GDI+, etc. - do not hesitate to contact us.


Latest news

  • Dotument 10.2 released. Scan your documents directly into Dotument library and browse your books using Apple iPad-like Bookshelf browser!
  • Dotument 10.1.2 released. As a part of completely rewritten import-export module, comes also Dotument exchange file format (DTXF) - convenient way of exchanging documents between different Dotument databases. Additionally, there is now support for multiple description providers (Amazon, ISBN DB, Open Library).